From Zumaia to Deba by boat

A sea crossing past the cliffs of the flysch

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  • Length: 01:00
  • Number of maximun visitors: 39
  • Required:
  • Price: 10.00 € (Under 12 years: 7.00 €)
  • Starting point: Quay Txomin Agirre, Zumaia

Voyage in boat from Zumaia to Deba, where the guided visit ends. We’ll admire the beauty of the flysch cliffs with a history of more than 50 million years, large landslides more than 100 metres high, hidden coves and one of the largest tidal flats in Europe. This is an excellent option for peacefully visiting two of the towns in the Basque Coast Geopark. A formidable return option for those who wish to trek the GR Talaia coast between Zumaia and Deba.

Important notes:

  • TRAIN FROM DEBA TO ZUMAIA; Every hour from 08.44 a.m to 09.44 p.m"Check trains" (Bilbao-Donostia direction).
  • The boat’s departure depends on the state of the sea. In Geopark we always put our customers’ safety first.